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The Glitch Mob "Fortune Days (DJ Vadim Remix)"

The Glitch Mob ft. Pugs Atomz & Yarah Bravo "Fortune Days (DJ Vadim Remix)": I love when my (music) worlds collide. I associate Vadim with my Ninja Tune past, dissecting dusty breaks sampled into new tapestries in my mother's attic. Pugs was part of that underground Hip-Hop scene, and is a big part of the shit I follow nowadays. The Glitch Mob is skraight out of my EDM love, and the work I put in on other sites you might not frequent. To have all of these stars align into one club-thumping jawn in 2010? Heaven. Vadim lends the track a dope bounce, and Pugs and Yarah lend some sly vocals to the mix - not overpowering, more becoming a piece of the track, all points aimed at getting your ass on the floor. Hit the jump for the press info on where this track is taken from.

We are excited to announce that DRINK THE SEA - THE REMIXES VOL. 1 & 2 will be released on January 12, 2011 through DownloadToDonate.org. All proceeds will benefit relief for Haiti. There are still 1.3 million homeless that need our help. Read more about the status of Haiti on Huffington Post's Haiti Earthquake page

The 25 track collection will feature remixes by following artists, all of which graciously donated their time and skills to the project:King Britt, ESKMO, Beats Antique, EPROM, DJ Vadim, Deru, SPL, Skeet Skeet, Mr. Projectile, Comma, Salva, Kastle, Nalepa, R/D, Virtual Boy, Machinedrum, Jogger, St. Andrew, Them Jeans, Chris De Luca, Camo UFOs, Adam.01, Pawn, Mirko Kosmos and Mindelixir


Anonymous said...

Sick! I love this album, can't wait to hear the remixes!

The Glitch Mob said...

Thanks so much Khal! We think its a tremendous project and really appreciate the support. Big love to rockthedub!