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Download a Stack of Kaytranada Beats, Edits, and Remixes

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While I'm not sure what came over Kaytranada to start unloading a bunch of bangers on his SoundCloud page, I'm glad I caught them when I did. Everything from random instrumentals and quick ideas to remixes of acts like Lucy Pearl to a Hilary Duff cover, dude has a bunch of heat for you. It's been almost a day since he upped something new, but I'd say keep it locked to Kaytra's SC just in case.

Ren Thomas & Skrewtape ft. MiilkBone - “Keep It Real 2015″

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Here's a banger taken from Ren Thomas and Skrewtape's Don't Be Mad, which is available on iTunes. Classic for the real heads out there.

[video] Nato Caliph ft. Ackurate, T - Dubb O, and Tef Poe - "EVEN"

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Here's the official video for that Nato Caliph banger that dropped back in August.

Kooley High ft. Add-2 - "Where I'm Going"

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Talk about morning motivation music. Been a minute since I've heard new Kooley High, and with their EP Heights set to drop on October 9, they have me open. This Sinopsis-produced, Add-2-featured cut is free with a digital pre-order, so get on it ASAP.

J.Lately ft. Von Pea & Bambu - "Can't Go For That"

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As we all strive to get where we want to go, we have to have theme music that makes us realize the shit we need to avoid. This freebie from J.Lately's Let's Just Be Friends LP (which drops on October 23), is that track. Produced by Oops and featuring Von Pea and Bambu, this one should play loud af when you're just on some "avoiding the bullshit" shit.

Run The Jewels Dropped Their 'Meow The Jewels' Remix Album For Free

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After a week long of living that social media life, it was dope to see Run The Jewels drop their long-awaited Meow The Jewels remix project randomly on Friday. I'd missed their WRTJ show on Apple Music because I had the squad over, but have spent most of this weekend enjoying the sounds of Killer Mike and El-P going ballistic over beats featuring the sounds of all of the cats (including Lil Bub).

You can download this project for free via, or pre-order the 2XLP vinyl release (which is $38 and all goes to charity). Listen to clips from the project below.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Why Spec Boogie is No Longer Spec Boogie

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One of my favorite Lessondary members, Spec Boogie, is Spec Boogie no more. He's now going by his given name, Rob Cave Jr, and on the latest episode of Bad With Names, he goes through his history, breaking down why he's changed his name.

Francis Chiser Soundtracks Your Night With His New Mix, "N9ne to Se7en"

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For his birthday, Francis Chiser keeps the party rocking with this gift to you, the party people. It has an intriguing twist to it, too:

"The inspiration for this mix came from my wife and my recent radio guests spots in 2015. The concept was to create a time-lapse mix of a night out of good music and friends. Starting at the pre-game stage of getting ready at 9pm to finally making it home at 7am with the sun finally coming out, this mix covers hours of music in 90 minutes. With hip-hop classics, innovative remixes and a touch of soul & house, this mix is perfect for any occasion for body-movin’."

MED, Blu, and Madlib ft. MF Doom - "Bad Neighbor"

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I really don't need to write anything to make you listen to this, right? Just look at the names on the title; it's certified. Word is that MF Doom's rhyme was written from the perspective of someone just inviting themselves into your home... when you aren't home. Wasn't expecting the chilled, funky vibe this one employs.

Word is this is taken from MED, Blu, and Madlib's Bad Neighbor album, which drops on October 30 and features a grip of great acts over 100% Madlib beats. You're welcome.

A-Trak Breaks Down His DJ History on Juan Epstein

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I'm not sure WHY, but this weekend I got deep into some Invisibl Skratch Piklz shit. Nothing truly prompted it, but I just had to relive some of those turntablism days. Of course it's after that that I heard that Q-Bert, D-Styles, and Shortkut linked back up to create the first ISP album in 20 years. Damn.

ANYWAYS, this made me dip back into A-Trak's appearance on Juan Epstein from a few weeks back. He goes ham on the history, letting you know how he got into shit, his favorite albums, how much he was making off of DJ records, and so much more. After you peep the podcast, check out the championship-winning set they played during this podcast after the jump.

Apollo Brown ft. Westside Gunn & Planet Asia - "Triple Beams"

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This is EXACTLY what I need for the fall. Something about those dusty samples (that remind me of Wu-Tang's "Tearz"). Taken from Apollo Brown's Grandeur (which drops on September 25), this one has me super open.

Black Collar Biz ft. Silent Treatment - "Snakes In The Grass"

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See, this is why I will always fuck with Black Collar Biz. There are SO MANY SHADY MOTHERFUCKERS out there, but if you don't keep your grass cut, you won't see them lurking. This collab with Silent Treatment has a throwback, back porch vibe to it; a bunch of old(er) heads trying to school new niggas to game.

J-Live - "Feel This"

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Damn, is it already new J-Live season?! I actually went through a number of his older cuts a few weeks ago, so getting "Feel This," the new single from his forthcoming album How Much Is Water? has me open. As per usual, Live drenches some fly intellect inside his hypnotic flows.

How Much Is Water? drops via Mortier Music on October 23.

Black Mag - "Trust In You"

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South Central's Black Mag (aka Black Men Are Gods) gets pretty damn heavy with the mental over this jazziness from P. Soul. This is one of those gems that I didn't know how to approach, and as it went on it totally bowled me over. "Niggas get on with no talent" is when I got hooked.

Smokers Jacket Got Johnny Rebel to Mix Their New Tape, 'Playboy'

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For the last seven years, Pugs Atomz and Awdazcate have created fire material as Smokers Jacket. If you're up for some material you can only smoke joints and sip fine cognac to, dig into DJ Johnny Rebel's Playboy mix, which finds the duo getting so damn grown over the span of 15 cuts.

Hollywood FLOSS - "Ascension"

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Houston's FLOSS says he took it easy on y'all, so it looks like he linked with Chris Rockaway to go full-on beast mode on the competition.

Lyric Jones x DirtyDiggs - "Gems from the Cubicle" EP

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The title of Lyric Jones' new DirtyDiggs-produced EP Gems from the Cubicle brought me back to that time before I got hired by Complex (aka three years ago) when I felt like I was murdering life while pushing paper for "The Man." Let this EP be the fuel you need to achieve your own dreams.

Planet Asia ft. Del the Funky Homosapien - "The Champions"

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Props to Planet Asia for digging into the vaults for some circa 2006 DJ Architect-produced heat alongside Del the Funky Homosapien.

Rickie Jacobs - "Stay Down"

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"I let the hustle talk 'cause it's better when you say less..."


Consequence Talks the History of A Tribe Called Quest on Juan Epstein

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"Quence is doing the rounds promoting some new dope music so we decided to make this visit different and make it completely about his time with Tribe. The story starts with Q-Tip just being cousin Jon in Queens and goes all the way to the story of the fallout between Tip and Phife. Rap nerds rejoice!"