The Buffet Line

Well, we all know that I am trying to make some money. With 3 seeds in the house, it's hard to live life off of just my paycheck and my wife's paychecks alone. In comes The Buffet Line, our eBay store. You know why we call it "The Buffet Line"? Simply, we envision it to be a spot where you can load up on various types of items and such, kind of like the Chinese buffet restaurants you see all over the place.

We are unloading a serious amount of stuff in the coming weeks (months/years/etc.), from various computer accesories and things to loads of books, clothes, appliances and (possibly) CDs and such. We need that money to feed our fam, so help us out. If you don't see something you like, pass word to those you know and see if they need something.

Right now, I have a Linksys USB 2.0 Network Adapter up for bid right now. The unit retails at approximately $30, but the starting bid is $10 right now.

If all goes well, this should help ease the blow of these bills... if not, then it's back to the grinding board. Hell, maybe I'll sell mixes? We shall see!

So again, check out The Buffet Line.

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