Fanu's "Focussed", man!

I want to shout out my boy srix(!) for posting this up before I... I'm a slow poke (Check out his blog).

It looks like Finnish producer Fanu has a downtempo LP, Focussed Mind, set to drop on December 1st through Pauze. Sure to be a treat, this album packs a wallop. srix provided audio for all of the album's cuts, check out his post here.

Now, I have an old Fanu interview I did for DOA a while back that never got posted -- I am debating on if I should just post it here, but I will speak to them first...

If you want more info on Fanu, check out his MySpace page, or his main website. Both sides of his musical production are not to be fucked with. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

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Ryan.Srix said...

respect khal.
lookin forward to that interview man.