Lucy Diamonds: Water of Life

Up on Lucy Diamonds' MySpace page, there is a new track of her's entitled "Water of Life", which features one of the old school dons, Grand Puba. Now, when I received this track, it was a pleasant Turkey Day surprise. Lucy flows sick on it, and Puba keeps it thoro on his verse. I didn't think anything of it, but then I got an e-mail with the link from some cat named Marvin Levy, her media rep, with the title "Shots Fired At Jay-Z!!!" ... word. She apologized, but apparently her crusade is still on and poppin' on Jay. It's kind of subtle, even though the title is a play on his "Water for Life" campaign. In any case, peep out her blog on MySpace to get the audio on this gem.

I'd like to hear Lucy rip up the instrumental to "Kingdom Come". That'd be something.

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