Get paid... to post?

So if you guys have peeped my "Can I borrow a dollar?" post from a week or so ago, you know that I've been trying to find blogging gigs, either freelance or with a dedicated site. The results? Not so good, so far... I have a various ads and such to the right of my blog that have yet to pay a dude who has a site devoted to Hip-Hop, free music and dissing celebs and ignorance in a strong, Black voice... why not, who knows. I have a few other prospects out there, and actually made a couple of dollars with another site, but nothing to major.

The other cash-cow I'm hoping to ride in on is PayPerPost. You might be asking yourself, "self, how does one find a site that pays you to post?"... well, I just did an easy enough search in Google: blog ads. I'm trying to get gwap like Papoose, nahmean? Now, this site offers you opportunities to make money by blogging about various things --- new movies, new websites, and other things. Have I taken advantage of it yet? I'm trying to... right now. I haven't seen something that has grabbed me as of yet, for I don't like making promises and then feeling bad about them. The pay is decent -- you can get $10 or more depending on the post. You have to stay within the tone they want, so if they want a very positive post, then you best talk it up! That's on you though. Me? I haven't made a dime yet, but who knows what the future holds? Maybe I can get good at this PPP thing and get paid so I can lay in the shade -- it can happen!

If you guys are bloggers who are also strugglin' parents like myself and my wife are, and need a side hustle that doesn't involve crack rocks and credit card scams, you might want to check out PayPerPost. If you can devote yourself to speaking on anything and getting paid for it, get gully and go for it!

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