American Idol 6, week 3 [recap]

I can't get into how grandiose and ridiculous some of these contestants are getting in their auditions. I found myself trying to understand why some random cat named "Eccentric" is making panther noises, taking off his stuff and throwing it around, and doing some weird, high pitched fast sounding singing then saying "eccentric!", like that matters.

I don't get why 21 people went through and we actually saw 3 people compete.

Why keep pushing that over-the-top nonsense? It couldn't have been this bad in terms of people trying to throw gimmicks out there in the auditions... or trying to prove points.

I'm almost ready to give up trying to recap this show, for the simple fact that there's a lack of quality singers to critique. Even if that 17 yr old chick from the Birmingham episode was fire.

The two stories that did intrigue me were the "blonde bombshell" hottie who's daddy done shot himself in the neck and is now paralyzed. Hearing her say "daddy" cracked me up. That 64 yr old dude who sang for his dead wife was touching, too. And he wasn't half bad.

Thank God these auditions are almost over.

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