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Fuck you guys. Peep the dubstepforum post about THUGSTEP, and trying to figure out what to do about Nappy. As if he's trying to a) cake off his refixes or b) "destroy the scene".

Sometimes, DNB and dubstep aficionados can be some ridiculous pricks. I still shout it, you bitches ain't ready for the THUGSTEP. For the ones who get it, peace, you are proper. You other non-believers, go do something else with your life. This open-minded music thing just isn't for you.

And to quote Lil Jon "get drunk in this muthafucka, throw ya dranks up!"


Anonymous said...

you fucking talentless prick. All you've done is put a bunch of acas over other people's tunes and you make out that it's on some next level shit.

Shuuut ya mouth.

khal said...

a) I didn't make them, never said I did...
b) it's not like every acapella can be thrown over every track. You gotta check for flow, and if the rhymes sound right over the beat.
c) I can't stand when people talk shit and then don't leave their name.
d) you guys still ain't ready for it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck these nameless anonymous bitches. Thugstep all day, ery'day, boi!! BTW, my friends are haters too but like B.O.B says real recognize real, playa!!