Black History Month 2007: Food for Thought

Another year, another Black History Month.

Since this is my first year blogging the shortest month of the year, I figured I'd try to both educate, as well as point out some odd things about the legacy some of our Black Legends have left...

Take Jean-Michel Basquiat, for example: while he should be known for his forrays into neo-expressionism, and just the sheer fact that he went from a cat living in the gutter to hob-knobbing with art heads worldwide, he's randomly name-checked in a Jay-Z freestyle from Thanksgiving-time, and given possibly the UGLIEST Reebok shoe to ever hit the planet.

That shit bothers me. I wish we could do things like Nas does, and resurrect the idols we thought were dead and bring them back to the masses (see the following remixes of his track "Where Are They Now": 80s RMX, 90s RMX, West Coast RMX). Maybe it's my job to do that... we'll see how this goes this month.

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