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Real Talk: An Open Letter to Sullee

Dogs, I'm going to keep this short, because I know you are busy picking up your face after looking like a fool on national TV.

How in the FUCK are you going to try and spit that "I ain't snitchin'" nonsense on last night's episode of The (white) Rapper Show? You definitely DO NOT GET IT. I mean, I can see if the reason you guys didn't win was because John Brown was spending too much time selling ganja to some teens out the back of Tha White House. You guys lost because they stepped all over your ego, and forced you to be involved in a bullshit video for an even bigger piece of shit track. Face facts. You guys get this snitchin' shit a lil twisted, no? The whole "Stop Snitchin'" campaign is ignorant to begin with, but in the streets, that's the code. Real niggas doing real fucking things, not some bullshit, televised competition shit. Serch was 100% on the NOSE when he said that you guys are on fucking CAMERA! My God did you forget that shit? You are followed 24/7, cameras all in ya grill piece, that's how we knew you and fake titty Misfit weren't getting freaky, you fake tooth fool.

Sullee, don't try to ally yourself on some street shit when niggas in the street could give a shit about you and your skills. Dude told you in the barbershop, you need more fire. Your writing, that shit is on point. I especially felt your shit about alcohol and your battles with it. Definitely talented, I can't front. The fact of the matter is, you front on yourself when you didn't come prepared. You front on yourself when you put your ego before your talent. And you fronted on yourself when you kicked those shoes off, you lil ho.

Fuck that cupcake nonsense. "I'm not snitchin'". Nah, pussy, you bitchin'. Go grab a maxi and clean up the mess. Good riddance.


Dart Adams said...

First off, the beat was trash. The props were trash. The show was trash. The comp was trash. I'd have done ANYTHING to get off that bullshit show at that point. I'm not even defending Sullee like that but the show was supposed to be about hip hop, right? Sure as hell didn't seem that way to me.

I know that Ego Trip was trying to make the show "entertaining" and all but it was too corny and too stupid. More than half of the 10 "rappers" they picked never should have been there in the first place. They brought in Kwame to host a DOG SHOW? What part of the game is that? Old ladies and big glasses as video props? Get outta here! They had to pick from a bunch of wack ass keyboard beats? Cornball. If I was on that show I would've begged to be out as well.

The whole snitching issue aside, who gives a damn. I would've dissed the show, too. If they do the show again next season, they better sit down and think about bringing in better talent and making the show more serious and less stupid. No one would take anyone who won that show seriously ever. Sullee did the only logical thing in my opinion...who knew what stupid shit Ego Trip had lined up for the next "mission" that had shit to do with rhyming. I don't blame him...the show wasn't building him respect or a fanbase anyways.


khal said...

Dogs I respect you for your comments, but I don't agree. Sullee didn't bow out gracefully - he cracked under the pressure. And I highly doubt the show has brought him NO EXPOSURE... not only is this national TV, but ask him how many hits his MySpace has gotten since the show started last month. Bad press is still press, he just left a bad taste in many viewer's mouths.

I've heard many people say that the show isn't Hip-Hop. I mean, I'll admit it, it's not that backpackrap thing people might have thought it would have been, but read up on EGO TRIP. That's the main influence, and I think a lot of the shit is witty and at times clever. And in the end, it's still about the rappers.

Respect for your views though.

Chappy Sinclair said...

AFUKINMEN KHAL..First of all yea he can write but he's like the pizza guy - delivers when he wants to, so that's his first issue. Second they both got beat because Mr. Brown understands one thing clearly and to quote someone "This is NOT a game people". It is a challenge and by simply not paying attention to the rules they were both told to step off regaurdless if Sulley quit..which he didnt. When youre trying to get put on by VH1 pride and street cred is thrown out the window. All I'm saying is if you have pride enough to call yourself Grown Ass Men and walk around with a bunch of North Shore Animal League pets then you should be ready willing and able to write 16 bars about how your competition wrote a wak song.