Job Woes, episode #98948594

So, I had to turn down a job today. It's not that the pay wasn't right, or that the company didn't want me, but I'm just in a situation where I need to a) look out for my best interests and b) look out for my family. I am not in the business of getting put on through a temp. agency for a 2month gig that MAY turn long-term. I'd rather stick unemployment out until I find something that's perm and comfortable.

The main reason, though, is my lack of whippage (and, well, lack of Ls). I'd literally be gone from my house for 12hours - leaving at 7AM on the nose to catch 2 buses, to do it all again and be back home after 7PM that night. I have grinded it out on that route before, but I also didn't have a lil seed that can't fend for himself. The temp. agency got pissed when I let them know I couldn't take the position, but really, would you rather me dip 2 weeks into the position for the exact same reason? The fucked up part is, if I took an earlier set of hours, I'd be bouncing out the house earlier, which doesn't help anyone.

So, I'm still on my grizzly. My dream is to get a Work From Home gig, but none of these "legit" spots are really legit. Or geared for someone like me. I find many "MommyJobs" sites, shit set up for stay at home moms, but what about pops? Where the FUCK do the stay at home fathers work? Are they all well off enough that they don't need that paper? I know, blogging isn't really an answer, there's no money in blogs like mine, but shit, I can write! And eBay hustling is cool, but I don't have hot inventory - I'm more like doing an eGarage Sale.

Back to the drawing board... fucking frustrating, really. In the end, I don't think I'm cut out for the corporate sector. I mean, I'm always looked at as that nigga, the one who can present himself well but is marked for one reason for another. I used to think that it was just me looking at life that way, but those stares aren't a joke. It's hard trying to do right out here. And I'm not even a street dude like that! I just try to live a clean life and support my family. I feel as though I have marketable skills, I just don't know how to present them and turn those gifts into chips.

If anyone can help me, please shoot me a comment or e-mail. 1.


Ryan.Srix said...

keep hope alive man. a good job WILL come through one of these days. best of luck.

khal said...

thanks man... I'm pushin'.

Anonymous said...

Keep on man. Have you tried getting with a recruiter as well? I'm on the hunt now and recruiters have been invaluable in getting me interviews.

khal said...

yeah, recruiters and temp agencies are, sadly, the only spots sending me out on interviews. my direct contact is less fruitful for some unknown reason.