LOST, Season 3 returns TONIGHT!

You've been waiting, like me, for the latest LOST episodes, right? Well, tonight, 10PM EST, the 16 episode run starts. Tonight's episode is entitled "Not in Portland" and brings us right back into the thick of Jack's situation. If you remember, we last left him with Ben, on the operating table, in a dire predicament. What will Jack do to Ben? Apparentyl Kate & Sawyer make a new buddy, who just happens to be an "Other"... but is that buddy relationship legit? Finally, the one like Juliet is going to be making some kind of decision that fucks up her standing with her people. This is all from the TV INFO lol, so who knows what kinds of twists and turns this episode will take.

Recap coming tomorrow. No *new* podcast up on ABC.com, for some odd reason. Still, get your fix at two of my favorite LOST forums: 4815162342.com and Dharma Secrets. Nice bunch of peeps on both boards. MSNBC also has a lil 'catch-up' article getting you potheads up to speed.


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