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Joulz Il "Fuel (My Microphone)" [snippet]

Joulz Il "Fuel (My Microphone)" [snippet]: Here's the first peek into the Offshore Drilling project I'm working on in promoting Kid Hum's Fossil Fuel album. The track heard here is "Fuel", and what you get is a tagged-up snippet of verses 1 & 2 from Dallas, Texas' own Joulz Il. Some fine lyricism over that piano-driven track. Joulz' "Northern Lights" piece in the first verse is what hooked me, instantly. Hopefully this will help light a fire under the cats who are still working on their parts, too!

Bonus Beats Joulz Il vs. T-Pain "Phantom That (rock the dub VIP)": this blend is a direct result of the reasoning behind Entity Starr and Joulz Il remixing "Imagine That". I hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Oh shit it's the leak....
Yeah man.... I'm hyped now!