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St. Joe Louis "Vision Test"

St. Joe Louis "Vision Test": The SJL crew flips "Say You Will" into some other-other, New Jersey-driven emotional illness. St. Joe Louis features 2 MCs from NJ (Elete & Michael Cardigan) and one from Texas (Tommie Chase)... AKA they are the rappin' incarnation of Boo Goo Doo Boom. Or something. Anyways, they are also part of Elite Assembly, which means they are cut from a different cloth, and are some niggas you need to get up into. Don't sleep.

Shouts for B.E. for the heads up!

Bonus Beats St. Joe Louis "Searchin' Freestyle"

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JwaStar said...

Nice Work!!! I cant wait til the album drops!!! Go St. Joe Louis!!!!!