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Tef Poe The Redeemer

Here's the latest batch of tracks from STL's Tef Poe. Dude's recently opened up for Lupe Fiasco, rockin' 5K Hip-Hop fans, and I have a feeling his stock is only going to rise. Loads of new production on this tape, mainly by the homey Tech Supreme & the nigga Black Spade.

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe The Redeemer


Rodz said...

Yo, I got the album so good. Hard bangers and soul food music too. Great stuff and Tef Poe's performances are amazing!!

MJ said...

Tef gets better every time I hear him. The world deserves to hear dude spit. I used to call him the STL Ghostface. Now his style has grown into some real unique

K said...

TWO classics in a row?? stop. as in people need to STOP frontin and pass this link to EVERYBODY. And they need to throw Glory 2 God on here too. AND this need to be on the FRONT PAGE!


khal said...

Glory 2 God IS on rockthedub:


I've BEEN a supporter of Tef Poe. Maybe you should peep the site more often.