DaVinci "Trickle Down"

DaVinci "Trickle Down" (prod. by Blunt): My people at Sweetbreads told me to look out for DaVinci, sent the album and everything, and what did I do? I slept. Well, I didn't SLEEP, but it always takes a spark - and this deep track is that match. DaVinci is a perfect compliment to what goes on today: think of The Wire, where in those crazy street scenarios, there's a nigga on that corner who could break down the system better than any college professor who's class you slept through. He feeds you the truth in a cookie he knows you'll enjoy. Wake up and take a listen, serious.

The Day The Turf Stood Still drops March 9th. Owwww.

Bonus Beats DaVinci "Its On Me" (prod. by Blunt)

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right on khal - al