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Eli Porter... aka E Dolla!?!?!?

Wait, what? Is this really Eli Porter? The nigga who murdered Envy in a classic freestyle battle? This nigga sounds like he fathered Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy and all them remedial niggas' styles. Especially with that "hahahahaaaaaa" shit. Wow. I'm truly amazed. This sounds like Eli grew up - in the tone of his voice, that is.

If this is truly Eli, all praise due to Bol (or noz).

EDIT Now Eli is doing a perfomance at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta on Friday?


Marcus said...

Interesting rap style by your boy Eli Porter. He seems a little 'slow'.

But I have to give him credit. But I wouldn't call Gucci and Soulja styles remedial because they selling millions of records.

That means the core rap/hip-hop audience is 'remedial' because they supporting it by the truckload.

khal said...

i didn't say soulja boy and gucci had remedial styles - i said THEY are remedial. and truthfully, people buying their records doesn't make their music any less remedial - stupdi shit sells all over. that's not b/c they are 'smart'