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Sene with Von Pea "Cantstandya"

Sene with Von Pea "Cantstandya": I'd bust some big statement on this... but I already wrote the press release; check it out: "Never taking any days off, Flawless Hustle is back less than four months after the release of the critically-acclaimed Money Isn’t Real compilation with another dip into the money pit of true Hip-Hop, entitled Stay Flawless. The first single from this project is a dream and a treat – Sene and Von Pea linked up for some serious fury, trading verses over a head-nodding, string-driven banger. Blaze an L of that good, throw your hoodie on and tell them fake niggas in your world what you really feel about them. Perfect kiss-off for a new year. Nice guys finish last, hustlers keep it movin’… Flawless".

Get more info, including the tracklist, via Flawless Hustle.

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