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Homeboy Sandman "Abduction"

Homeboy Sandman "Abduction" (prod. by 6th Sense): Sandman and 6th got a lot of love in 2009, so its only right that they link up and do a spaced-out cut about space aliens... no, wait. Both of these guys are out of this world, so of course the outerspace minions will abduct these two and have them jammin' in the intergalactic Summer Jam... damnit. Enjoy another leak from It's A 6th Sense Mixtape, Yo!! Volumes 2 + 3.

<a href="http://6thsense.bandcamp.com/album/its-a-6th-sense-mixtape-yo-volume-2-3">Homeboy Sandman - The Abduction by 6th Sense</a>

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