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LL Cool J "Boomin' System (Zilla Rocca BLAST UP Remix)"

LL Cool J "Boomin' System (Zilla Rocca BLAST UP Remix)": Life is funny - sometimes, shit happens, other times, its like you will them to. We moved my son into a new room a couple of weeks back, and while painting, my wife played the "what is..." game, asking me about all types of shit I like/dislike/etc.; one question she asked me was what my favorite LL Cool J song was, and I realized then and there it was "The Boomin' System". I used to mark out for James Brown samples, and the video was such a cheesefest it was amazing. I remember being mesmerized when I first saw it. Anyways, that night, Zilla Rocca sends over this remix he did for a remix competition, and it just amazed me. I made that happen that night, right?

The thing about his remix, it reminded me of Coldcut's remix of "Paid In Full", where in the late '80s everything in Hip-Hop was so new and you could do shit like funk out a classic Hip-Hop diatribe into a seven minute opus; Rocca takes a tweeter-beater and slows it down, adding some fuzzy bass and some mechanical drums to the JB samples, and makes it a bigger animal in the process. I've been rinsing this one ever since, and finally asked if it could be shared. Boy am I glad Zilla said yes!

PS Word is that Curly Castro is going to be hopping on this!

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