King Britt ft. Astrid Suryanto "Now"

King Britt ft. Astrid Suryanto "Now": King Britt's final "conventional" artist-album, The Intricate Beauty, drops on 4/20/2010 on Nervous Records. Yes, you read that right. This won't be the last we hear from Britt, who plans on moving into more improvisational electronic composing. The way he made this album sounds crazy, to: he took tiny bits from random CDs and worked on the tracks in Ableton Live, and he plans on taking the bits that make up Intricate Beauty as a "live pack". What's great is that the timeless Soul feel that he infuses into his music is still very much in tact. Look to this one for more intriguing music for years to come.

Shouts to Justin for this one!


King Britt said...

I dont think this is to be posted!

hold tight...

King Britt

khal said...

the blast I received specifically said Free download of CD track “Now (feat. Astrid Suryanto)” - if this isn't the case, please advise.