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C.I.O.N. Burris "Ghost of Charles Barkley"

C.I.O.N. Burris ft. Deal - The Villain "Ghost of Charles Barkley": Brokn.Englsh's Mr. C.I.O.N. Burris beasted "Ghost of Christopher Wallace" like Chuck in the paint, you dig me? And this isn't the Phoenix Suns Chuck - this is the red uniform Sixers Chuck. The thing is, DTV (who ironically calls me Diddy) plays super Puff on this. As a matter of fact, Cion might be pissed, but I didn't upload the version he blasted - this is the unedited version with DTV goin' ham about you bitch ass niggas ass fuckers. Pure comedy, but like Eminem said "I joke when I say I'm the best in the booth but a lot of truth is said in jest". Deal with THAT, pens.

The ARE & B.E. is on the way...

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