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Mic Wilson "Reach Out" x "Good Times"

Been a month since Mic Wilson turned the "Lights Out", and with PreZZure.net turning 2 today, he passed me a couple of jawns from Phase Two, which is out on August 31st...

Mic Wilson "Reach Out": Love the sample on this one, and he goes off on those succulent females that cats are scoping out... everywhere. Those ones you just want to reach out and... yeah, you get me. Nice use of the vocal in the sample, too.
<a href="http://micwilson.bandcamp.com/track/reach-out">Reach Out by Mic Wilson</a>

Mic Wilson "Good Times": Hah, Mic ain't playing around with these beats man! Here's something to tip your glasses to.

<a href="http://micwilson.bandcamp.com/track/good-times">Good Times by Mic Wilson</a>

Two dope, quick shots... might get another one in the VERY near future.

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