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RIP Rammellzee

Word from Fab 5 Freddy is that Rammellzee, one of Hip-Hop's true legends, has passed away. If you saw Style Wars, you should definitely remember his seminal track "Beat Bop" with K-Rob and the oft-debated role of Basquiat as producer (many say he worked on the beat, while others say he had more of a Hollywood-esque producer style, aka FUNDING). I'd go on about them any ideas and theories he concocted (hit his website for those), or his roots within the early days of Hip-Hop, but really, you should do your own research. Or do the knowledge...

I'm not seeing any media outlets speaking on this (although it was added to his Wikipedia page), but that's how it goes. I will say that cats like DOOM, Kool Keith and other subverts were cut from RAMMs' cloth. A true original and Hip-Hop Pioneer.

Here's an interview from Noz with RAM circa 2008, and Jeff Weiss posted up an MP3 of "Beat Bop" as well as a dope interview on PotW. Do the knowledge and pay some respect. Rest in Power, RAMM.

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elmattic said...

R.I.P. R:L:Z. We lost an unacknowledged forefather.

Here's a sampler of his music, since most cats only ever heard Beat Bop: