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Rammellzee Update

Quick story: a few hours after making my post about Rammellzee's passing, I got an e-mail from a member of his family. They thought they were making a comment on the post, and their remarks were very sweet, spreading love to Ramm from here to the hereafter. After conversing with them for a bit, I was given info on Ramm's death that I'm now allowed to share. I'm seeing more media outlets reporting on his life and untimely death, but I wasn't seeing much on the cause.

The NY Times did report that he died after a long illness, and I'm hearing that liver failure was what took Rammellzee on the night of June 28th. I'm being told that he didn't want some big wake or anything, but wanted to go out with a party. Details on the service and such are to follow, as the family is still dealing with their loss. Respect to them for holding it together in a time like this. If/when I get more info on this, I'll let you know.

Shouts to guys like eskay for giving his thoughts, and to noz for tumblin' a bunch of Rammellzee quotes, thoughts, videos and such. Dude's legacy is felt throughout the scene, and pieces of his experimentation in a number of fields still resound today. I hope someone does a true tribute or comprehensive piece on Rammellzee, as while I know of him from my own Hip-Hop studies and excursions, Rammellzee on wax can be expensive, so obtaining his work, especially his early stuff, has been the stuff fingers get dusty for.

Another pioneer has left us, but we should use this as another example to stay up on our history, and keep the names of the legends of Hip-Hop ringin'. Keep it locked.

EDIT Here's a Facebook tribute page, and a dope article from Fast Company.

Rammellze on a live WBAI radio program from September 20, 1982 (hosted by Isaac Jackson) as issued on Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine issue #3 and the TellusTools 2xLP set. [via Wikipedia]

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