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Genrokka "Young, Gifted & Black"

Genrokka "Young, Gifted & Black": I first introduced you guys to Gen via Money First's "Gettin' Money"; if you were smart, you "Where Did She Go" off of the DJ Books-mixed Crawl B4 U Walk, and earlier today I got this quick shot over a classic Kane instrumental. Gen (PKA Genera'l) represents Trenton, and has been putting in work - you might have heard him on mixtapes from DJs Doo Wop and Green Lantern to local favorites like Plexx. Genrokka has a few projects on deck, from The Credit Union with Money First's Boom Blake, as well as his album Give U Me (the single "Give U Me" should be coming out soon).

Bonus Beats Boom Blake & Genrokka "Keep Telling Me"

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