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MTV UK Interviews DJ Cable

From winning DOA/UAF DnB competitions to being featured on Mistajam's show, my boy DJ Cable has been on FIRE! To add to that heat, he was recently featured on MTV UK; he discussed his accolades, #thugstep and other bits, and graciously named checked myself and RTD. Massive respect, Cable! Now just so you guys know, Cable's following up Fuck Thugstep Vol. 1 with a new edition, set to drop in a month's time (or so). It will feature some blends you might have heard before, as well as some fresh exclusives - hopefully by some Brooklyn MC who shall remain nameless. We'll see - as per usual, I'll keep you abreast to that and other bits of thugsteppery. It's great to hear that one of my favorite DJs, and someone I consider a friend, is getting that kind of shine. Nice one.

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