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Elucid "Together" x "Pain Parade"

Last week, we brought you the first single from Super Chocolate Black Simian (which is still due out on the 11th of January). This week, the second single is here, and it's a motherfucking DOOZY! Flippin' tracks from Breakage and Jamie Vex'd, Elucid continues to take us further down the rabbit hole, providing us some noise terrorism and anthems for the next generation of rebel soldiers...

DOWNLOAD Elucid "Together" x "Pain Parade"

03 Together by E L U C I D

I'm actually surprised more MCs haven't coasted over this beat. Breakage's "Hard" was one of the dubstep ANTHEMS from 2010, primarily from the Newham Generals' lyrical fury, but I'm thinking a lot of heads forgot that the riddim dropped about a year prior. Elucid picks up this beat and makes it his own, crafting some seriously unifying futuristic war-time chants. His flow on this is so crazy, sliding in and out of the riddim perfectly. Most MCs want to become "part of the beat"; Gutta transforms himself into an instrument of death.

"Pain Parade"
06 Pain Parade by E L U C I D

That title. That driving beat from Vex'd. This is one of the more awe-inspiring tracks on SCBS. Like literal jaw dropped to the floor amazement when this one drops. Has that driving live-drum appeal to it, but once Gutta and that fuzzbox bassline drop in, it's the mushroom cloud on anything you considered to be "futuristic" and "next level". Funk never smacked the shit out of you like this before, has it?

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hector said...

hey rockthedub! i only discovered your blog last week and it blew me away..so much so in fact that when i heard this i got straight to it;i post stuff on youtube and through that i became good friends with some bros in memphis who post jookin' vids.i started doing mashups yaada yaadda...long story short i was wondewring if you could give this the rockthedub once over http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFbx4x32vmw
i was inspired..it's even got my old friend david rodigan who as every raggamuffin knows is THE don inna the dance here in london
respect - hector