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Emcee Jermaine "The Crazy 88"

Emcee Jermaine "The Crazy 88": One of my favorite scenes in Kill Bill is when the Crazy 88s enter and give The Bride a serious workout. Deadly acrobatic ninja ass mufuckas, flippin' styles effortless. Jermaine takes that mindset and shapes it into 88 bars of death, which you have here. I know you're mad that Trenton, and Jersey as a whole, breeds some of the dopest MCs out there. Jermaine makes it a point to kick his rhymes with intellect, humor and style - it's just some perfect Hip-Hop ish, with a beat that flips a CLASSIC breakbeat. You need this - and make sure you remember homey's name. It's simple. Jermaine, he's an MC. Jersey stays active...


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jon jon said...

dude is fuckin' nice with it, throwback style indeed. fresh!