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Daddy Nino "Aisling Sistrunk"

Daddy Nino "Aisling Sistrunk" (prod. by TheLegion): I am NOT mad at this at all. Actually, I was thinking about My Brother & Me due to MTV2 showing reruns of Martin, and seeing the Christmas episode where the waterhead boy was on. My Brother & Me wasn't the best show, but being a kid looking for more Black shows on Nickelodeon, that was about all we had. I definitely had a lil' crush on Melanie, and in doing a bit of research, had no idea that Amanda Diva was the lil' shorty on there, too. Anyways, tributes like this are always the kind of shit I need in my life, and makes me want to hear Nino's UberEargasms: The Life & Times of David Ruffin Jr., which is said to be dropping in four days.


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