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Elucid Super Chocolate Black Simian

Released today is Elucid's long-awaited Super Chocolate Black Simian, which I personally saw birthed from a random convo Gutta had. He's been forging off into varying states of "noise terrorism" (big up to Primus Luta, who mixed this project), taking his already awe-inspiring delivery and raw lyricism and merging that with dub, dubstep, Grime and all other forms of bass. With beats from Breakage, Jamie Vex'd, Lorn, El-P, Skream, Mexicans With Guns and more, Elucid brings his brand of futuristic fury that's been getting some critical acclaim as of late. In what I'd consider his illest experiment to date, Elucid is realizing his full potential, and showcasing true hybrid sound. Future music for forward-thinkers. The soundtrack for the destruction of the establishment. Essentially, a real nigga kickin' that shit you need to hear.

DOWNLOAD Elucid Super Chocolate Black Simian via Concrete Sound System
01 Super Chocolate Black Simian MANGLEDMIX Part 1 by E L U C I D


No Standbys (prod. by 12th Planet)
Fuck the Dumb (prod. by 12th Planet)
Together (prod. by Breakage)
Dream On (prod. by Chasing Shadows)
Counteract (prod. by Sensei)
Pain Parade (prod. by Jamie Vex'd)
MEANR (prod. by El-P)
Braking For Zombies (prod. by Mexicans with Guns)
Brainwaver (prod. by Lorn/Samiyam)
Nigga (prod. by DVA)
Self Destruct (prod. by Leonard Dstroy)
Evol Ill (prod. by Skream)


Nick said...

Download from Concrete Sound System doesn't work for me. Is there another way to get it?

khal said...

that link works fine - i just tried it. hover the mouse over the cover and click the FREE link. it'll bring a window up and the quantity should say "1". click update cart, then checkout, and enter your email address. you can create an account or continue as guest.

hit continue, then click "confirm your order" and the email starts. simple lol.

Nick said...

No problem with the link. :)

It's the 'confirm your order' button that's not working for me. I get that far and it doesn't do anything.