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Stunna Mane From Mississippi To Mars (mixed by DJ Cable)

The time for talkin' about this is over. The seeds for this tape were planted early December of 2010, with a phone convo between DJ Nappy and Stunna Mane. A mutual respect for the hustle was formed, and a tentative release of "NBA All-Star Weekend 2011" was discussed. What started out as a four-track remix EP turned into a THUGSTEP album, with Nappy, DJ Cable and DJ Hipnotikk digging into their bins and crafting some dubstep refixes to Stunna's acapellas. And it came out smashin'. It's one thing to grab your weapons and fire at will - it's another to have an artist see the vision and give you the tools to work with. Mixed by DJ Cable, this is a true testament to the movement that we ushered in a while ago. This isn't a victory lap - this race has just started - but the path is charted, and the new terrain is being discovered.

And before we let you go, we have to kick some shouts: first, shouts to Stunna Mane, Tonya and everyone down at So Damn Pretty Entertainment for seeing the vision and allowing us to work with you. 'Nuff respect to Ego Thieves for not only presenting this mixtape, but for the hosting. Big up to Justin Rossi for the artwork - holler at him if you need some ish done. I'd personally like to big up the HOODLUM triumverate of Nappy, Cable and Hipnotikk - strength to strength, fam! And big to all of the sites who fuck with THUGSTEP and understand the movement.

From Mississippi To Mars by djnappy


zone3 said...

bout to repost this!

khal said...

thx for your support fam. kindred spirits are so necessary.

Unknown said...

i respect the conglomerate.

Unknown said...

i respect the conglomerate.