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Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers (Chopped & Screwed)"

Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers (Chopped & Screwed)": For some reason today, I came across a number of OFWGKTA articles. And I like it. I still wish a nigga like Tyler was out when I was 18, 19. Fuck whatever tag you want to throw onto Odd Future, these cats fill a void. The fact that so many people can't figure out when to laugh at the joke or hold their purses tighter to their person is an even better reason for these cats to get whatever looks come their way. We need more artists who make us think and scare the shit out of us. I don't know about you, but the music that has stuck with me has been the shit I've legitimately said "what the fuck!?!?" to, for whatever reason. Tyler and the Odd Future Wolf Gang genuinely make me love music again. They have since I first got put onto them last summer, and I hope to be confused and entertained by their next phase.

Anyways, you already know of "Yonkers", but you might not be up on Mike G, OFWGKTA member who also has a knack for chopping and screwing tracks (check his YouTube). He's flipped shit like Earl Sweatshirt's "Couch" and Tyler's Bastard. It's not a matter of "Yonkers" needing to be C&S'd - just listen to it and love the shit. Dead.

Tyler the Creator - "Yonkers" (Chopped & Screwed) by TheRapUp

Via TRU x Ruby Hornet x Mostly Junk Food.

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