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Koncept & Tranzformer More Than Meets The Eye

You should’ve been waiting for this one… BBAS affiliate Koncept and Cali producer Tranzformer linked up for this DJ Booth-presented EP, bringing a brief summation of what the fuck you need to be rocking to on your iTunes/iPod/iPad or whatever electronic device you utilize to ingest music aurally. Phew. This is cold brew for beer drinkers, but not the drinkers who will tear the club up – the kind of cats who will clown you for your broke kicks but pay your tab at the end of the night. As long as you bring over some dank. This also features Jefferson Price, a UK spitter who cracks a Tranzformer track that I got passed for the forthcoming RTD 5th Anniversary Compilation… but more on that later. Right now, this is Kon and Tranz’ time. Drink it up, hockey pucks!

DOWNLOAD Koncept & Tranzformer More Than Meets The Eye


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