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Theo Martins ft. STRFKR "Final Fantasy"

Theo Martins ft. STRFKR "Final Fantasy": Theo is a mthrfckng trip. Linking up with Portland indie band Starf*cker, this nigga feels like he went to Europe and got enamored by the soundtrack to their show Skins (quick aside: I watch the US version of Skins and applaud the balls of some of the stories, even if execution isn’t always pitch perfect). Theo takes us through his dreamtasy as an artist getting noticed, and the path he’s travel/journey he’s been dragged on. Feels like a music montage, with a lot of running through alleyways and jumping on stages, then ending with him at home, pad and pen, sleep on the couch. Did I just write the fckng treatment for the video, Theo?


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