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[preview] Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss "Meant to Be"

As I was saying the other day, you need to pay some respect to Brown Bag AllStars, as they have contributed a grip of quality music over the last couple of years. Shit, I rarely am like "eh, this is wack" when I get something new from them. The homey Soul Khan is the cat at the battle that ignorant fucks would clown, wondering why he was there... only to eat their food and make their momma come get them once the shit was over. He's lyrically gifted, and more than most, he knows how to take that talent and craft quality tracks. If you fucked with Soul Like Khan, his most recent free release, you know that. Well, the homey DeeJay Element has produced Khan's latest EP, Acknowledgement, which can be purchased right now at www.soulkhan.com. It's a four track opus, plus a bonus and the video version of "Soul Like Khan", and is WELL WORTH the FOUR DOLLARS they are asking for. Don't deny your Hip-Hop cravings. Support some true shit, for all of the music they've hit you off with - give a cat some funds. If anything, it'll be a lil bit of scrilla for the keg kitty. And that'll only end up meaning - you guessed it - more bangers for you to enjoy. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the true definition of #winning.


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