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SigNif Significant Wizdom

I love EPs that feature one MC and one producer really exploring each other. NYC (by way of Milly Waukee) spitter SigNif linked up with producer Gee Wiz for this eight-track exercise, and I’m in heaven. I loved “Round Here”, but had no idea they were flippin’ a full project together. Shit isn’t that long, either – just under 22 minutes, Sig sinks deep into each instrumental, and really squeezes out the rawness from her pen. Love how tough she is, too – a lot of female MCs are coming on the underground right now, but not a lot of them attack their words the way Sig does. Ferocious is probably one of the better words I’d use to describe it. Whether it’s real life or just expressing her skill, she can do a lot, and Wiz is the perfect producer for her brand of spittery. “Ready4War” is the shit. Trust.

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