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Rob Jay Rap Phenomenon

Some of you sites are funny. Don't even know a good thing when its sitting on your hard drive. I've been rockin' to Rob's bars for a bit. Dude has more of an intellectual flavor to his shit. He ain't beating you over the head with SAT words or anything, but he takes a bit more time in constructing his rhymes and truly gives a fuck about putting people onto something more than how ill he is or how fine his bitch is. Stories, lessons, life gems. Dude's on it, and I guess that's why Kevin Nottingham put him on. Or maybe cats just want to capitalize and be "ahead of the curve". Who knows. Dude's a proper Rap Phenomenon, and I'm gathering a number of you cats will still sleep. New Houston is doing it - I bet if Bun B co-signed Jay, yall would be all over it. #runtellthat

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Anonymous said...

Rob is the truth and continues to deliver great music

- hollywood floss