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Kardi The Valedictorian

With standardized tests and plans for graduation(s) going down, it makes sense that the nigga Kardi shows us a young, black and educated nigga doing his damn thing. Calls himself "the opposite of that Flocka shit", which is refreshing to hear from a cat who is in that demographic. Dude's wise beyond his years, and iller on the mic than most of the niggas his age. Cuts like "Homecoming", with it's hypnotic marching band flavor... awesome. The raw reality of "Busy", which throws the life of a cat who wants to make better for himself - without the aid of crillz or gats - it's inspiring shit. Awesome project to get you motivated - be it to mack a chick or plot your next power move. Strive to be the head of your class, folk.

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