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TheSeKondElement + Bettis "Heaven Sent"

TheSeKondElement + Bettis "Heaven Sent": Tough. Apparently SeKondEl and Bettis completed a project, The Korner of Ahmir & Hillman, set to drop on the 28th of April (aka Thursday), featuring nothing but her “heaven sent” rhymes and Bettis’ intelligent drumming. Love how the use of a live drummer draws something else out of SeKondEl – it’s not like Bettis just laid down drums and she laid verses after; this is a proper performance. You can feel how she flips her rhymes a bit different, just like how Bettis adds his fills and drops to match her bars. Intriguing. Can’t wait for the full project.


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TheSeKondElement said...

HEY! I appreciate the post and I'm glad you're feeling the track. Just as a heads up my name is TheSeKondElement all one word as opposed to SeKondEl. :O) [If it's too much to type out for ya feel free to use T2E.]

Thanks again for the post!