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[video] Jermaine "The Crazy 88" LIVE (4/30/2011)

Here's some BlackBerry camera footage of Jermaine's performance of "The Crazy 88" from last night's Garden Variety show in Trenton. I actually had to dip not too long after this performance - I heard Jermaine killin' shit even more as I was walking out. Things went well last night - I love that outdoor feel that The Galamo gives you. Peace to the cats I built with last night - Kasso, Rain, Skrew, Venemous and the rest of you Jersey artists. Skrew hit me with a CD of his and Expo's, as well as some more music and info. I saw Self out there, Divine Drummah was going IN on the decks - his production is tough, plus he's a dope DJ. Black Collar Biz was out there reppin' - that kid feels like one to blow, he's grinding out there! NJ Hip-Hop is the movement. Trying to highlight more of that on RTD, as I should. But any ways, rock to this video, I'll be uploading some of the better stills I took last night as well. I hope Self can bring this to Trenton more often!

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