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The homey DJ Ambush asked me if I'd like to present a #MONTHOFTHEMASK series, celebrating the works of the one like DOOM, aka MF DOOM and a bunch of other aliases. No hesitation on my answer. With Halloween and my birthday in the same month, it was a no brainer. I can't wait to showcase the music of the DSTRCT9 familia, as well as the other mixtapes and visual art that will be part of this series. Hit the jump for an idea of what you'll get, as well as two of the covers for different #MONTHOFTHEMASK projects. More on this as I receive it. #ALLCAPS

Month of the Mask is a month long celebration of the emcee with illest mask DOOM (formerly known as MF DOOM). What better way to celebrate the Halloween season than with a tribute to a Hip Hop villain. DSTRCT9 will be releasing music, art and visuals inspired DOOM. Participating artists include Curly Castro, Dave Ghet, Chill Moody, Chances R of Society Park, Nickelz, Dj Ambush, Deuce the Go 2 Kid, L&S and Hank McCoy.


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