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[preview] Skrillex ft. Wale "Let's Get Down"

Saw on the twitter that this one recently got played on satellite radio. Kind of surprised that a) this even happened and b) it's not gotten a lot of play. Maybe it's because this isn't as insane as people would believe it'd be. Skrillex is known for more noisey, abrasive dubstep, but this beat is kind of tame in comparison. Upbeat, squawky funk right here, with Wale throwing bars and rhymes all over the track, talking about his audience being a cross between Don Diva and Fader. This two-minute radio rip stops before it gets to the breakdown, so who knows if this delves into something nastier, but we'll have to wait and see. Doesn't even feel like dubstep, so if you're not a dubstep fan don't start putting this in that category.

EDIT It looks like this is an unreleased Skrillex tune that may or may not have been a collaboration with 12th Planet. No sure if this was always intended to have Wale vocals, nor can I find more info from where this might end up, aside from a Wale tweet from March confirming they're working together. #kanyeshrug

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