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Craze & Codes "Trapped In Sydney"

I've not spoken about it at length on RTD because I'm not really sure what to make of the EDM/hipster set attaching themselves to the "trap" sound, but yeah, for some reason the kids who were stuck on Moombahton and dubstep over the last year and change have now taken to recreating and salivating over the sounds that trap rappers would spit over. It's like an aural version of that movie Havoc. In any case, Craze & Codes cooked this one up while they were on the Slow Roast Australian tour. Free download for you clowns. I do like how they added some rave-y elements in the beat, and I won't front like I don't wish Craze would just start cutting over this.

DOWNLOAD Craze & Codes "Trapped In Sydney"


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