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Hustle Emcee Takes Listeners On 'The Marvelous Pursuit of Peace'

The homey Hustle Emcee blessed me with a link to his ItsJustAhmad-mixed project, The Marvelous Pursuit of Peace a little while ago, and I've been sitting with it. Dude is really one of the cats you need to be listening to, especially if you're from The Town and need someone who speaks your language to properly knowledge you. He's one of the most humble cats I know, and one of the more wiser heads on the mic.

We actually got a glimpse of this via the "Major Keys" freestyle Hustle dropped in 2016, but who knew it'd turn into two of Trenton's titans locking horns in this mixtape? And for those of you who might need to listen to the individual freestyles on their own, Hustle dropped them in their own separate link. You're welcome.


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