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Bill Adler Serves Up The 2017 Edition Of His 'Xmas Jollies' Series of Mixes

If you're not up on the name Bill Adler, you need to go back and do your hip-hop history. He's the "legendary publicist" who worked with Def Jam during their late-'80s era, and has been an acclaimed music journalist for the better part of his life. He's been cultivating a yearly Christmas mix series since 1982 that he recently spoke about over on Complex, primarily to highlight this year's mix.

Being a fan of non-traditional Christmas music myself, I appreciate his dedication to finding gems in the deep sea of Christmas jams. Press play and discover some holiday cuts that you're probably not up on.


1. Nicky Russell, Oliver Christopher, Reuben LaMotta, “Guava Berry,” 1985
2. The Kinks (introduced by DMX), “Father Christmas,” 1977
3. Evan Johns And His H-Bombs, “Mule-Size Yuletide,” 1990
4. Mavis Staples, “Every Step,” 2013
5. Erran Baron Cohen featuring Yasmin Levy, “Ocho Kandalikas,” 2008
6. Ismael Rivera, “Bomba de Navidad,”1975
7. Kurtis Blow, “KB Christmas Delight,” 2016
8. Anthony Hamilton, “Spend Christmas With You,” 2014
9. Amanda Duncan, “The Cookie Song,” 2011
10. Megan Barnes, “I Wanna Kiss You This Christmas,” 2000
11. The Prissteens, “Christmas Is a Time for Giving,” mid-90s
12. Wally Gonzales, “Christmas Polka,” 1996
13. Neville Willoughby, “Christmas J.A.,” 1972
14. Ying Yang Twins, “Ho Ho Ho (Dirty Christmas),” 2016
15. Michael Scott, “A woman Santa!? Where does it stop?” 2009
16. Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang, “What Will Santa Claus Say (When He Finds Everybody Swingin’)?” 1936
17. Mabel Scott, “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus,” 1948
18. The Persuasions, “You’re All I Want for Christmas,” 1997
19. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, “Joy to the World,” 1991
20. Marvin Rainwater, “Get Off the Stool,” 1956
21. Hugh & the New Coventry Carolers, “Kosher for Christmas,” 1993
22. The Youngsters, “Christmas in Jail,” 1956
23. Chuck Berry, “Merry Christmas Baby,” 1958
24. Cyrus Chestnut, “Jesus Loves Me,” 1996
25. Cyrus Chestnut & Friends, “Skating,” 2000
26. Sonny Stitt, “The Christmas Song”
27. Fats Domino, “I Told Santa Claus,” 1993
28. Christmas Greetings from Doctor Dre & T. Reid,
the Two Blind Mics,
29. Rufus Harley, “Auld Lang Syne,” 1998
30. Bonus Track (for Sara): Lee Dorsey, “Can I Be the One,” 1978

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