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Small Professor Gets Freaky With 'Nasty Jawns IV'

Quiet as kept, Small Professor's getting the love in 2017 that I figured he should've been getting years back. Not only does he have a single with the late and legendary Sean Price under his belt, but, alongside Zilla Rocca, he's 1/2 of Career Crooks, who put out one masterpiece of an album, Good Luck With That. Delving deeper into his mental, Small Pro drops Nasty Jawns IV, a collection of NSFW-sounding instrumentals that blend the boom bap with the ass clap.

It's interesting; I remember growing up as a kid and listening to Prince or other R&B acts using actual sexual moans and sounds in the music and feeling mad dirty. Something about the carnal act being so private that committing it to wax felt like the ultimate sin. I'm a grown ass man, and now I just laugh at syrupy-slick Small Pro beats incorporating all kinds of sounds that reside for $free.99 over on XNXX.

Get your grown up on via Bandcamp.


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