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Prince Paul Put Out a Free Album This Year and (Seemingly) No One Noticed

I can't hate on being busy...except for when my busy work schedule means I miss dope shit. Case in point, Prince Paul's The Redux, which was apparently a whole album from one of my favorite producers that dropped back in October. Not saying no one knew about it; Mass Appeal definitely premiered a track and posted on it, but I'm shocked that the #RealHipHop contingent that is all over my Facebook timeline wasn't hyping this. Shouts out to kris ex for bringing it to my attention, though.

How many albums find a way to feature the late, great Guru, Jean Grae, De La Soul, Def Squad, MF Doom and many, many more dope artists on the same project?! Paul can, because he's just that dude. Paul told Mass Appeal that he feels this is his best work in some time, and dropped the following description about the release: "I worked pretty hard on it and the concept is simply ‘getting a second chance to get it right.’ Upon listening you will get exactly where I’m coming from! Kind of cryptic but then again my work has always been." It would appear that The Redux is Paul's second attempt at his 2003 album Politics of the Business, which will end up putting a lot of things into perspective.

The Redux is available for free via Bandcamp, although it's in four separate MP3s as opposed to a tracked-out release. It's free, and comes with the promise of some new shit in 2018, so really, enjoy that.


1) The Redux - Breeze Brewin , MC Delite

2) Uff It - Horror City , Jean Grea

3) Drama Mama - Trugoy , Truth Enola

4) I told you once I told you twice - Guru , Planet Asia

5) Twinkle Twinkle - Bumpy Knuckles

6) Lola's Boy - Zakee

7) Girls wanna do me , Guys wanna be my friend - Youngman

8) Horror City Baby - Horror City

9) Rhymes and Chrymes - Tash , Tony Touch , Beatnuts

10) I dont care - De La Soul , The Good the Bad and the Ugly

11) Chinese Spare Ribs - Rza , Feat Horror City

12) People and Places / No I didnt - Chubb Rock , Wordsworth , Mf Doom

13) I need what I need - Kardinal Official , Sly Boogie , Socrates

14) Just cant give up - Buckshot , feat J Zone on drums

15) So what N.... Always talk - Master Ace , Pretty Ugly , Kokane

16) Teach You the Sounds - P.P.

17) Make more Room - Def Squad

18) 5000 Boomin watts - Dirty Disco Squares Featuring Chill Rob G

19) *Bonus remix track
Lola's Boy (got jazzy grits mix)
Remixed by DCee and Johann Sebastian

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