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Xmas Gifts: Kyam's 'Seventy Summers' LP

Image via Stina Strangis
Because of the style(s) of drum & bass I normally gravitate towards, Kyam's been a name I've seen around. It's also been intriguing, because one of my favorite cousins is named Kyam (love ya, Ky!). Kyam's material has been seen everywhere, from Renegade Hardware to Subtle Audio, and earlier this month, he gave away a 10-track album, Seventy Summers.

There's no real rhyme or reason to this one, other than it containing a vibrant batch of tracks that are all within the 170BPM lane, but don't all sound the same. You have more hypnotic bangers like "Dupe" saddled up nicely with more headier breakbeat workouts like "Hole." Truly intoxicating material.

Stream the full release below, and grab it for whatever you want to pay for it via Bandcamp.


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