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Mr. Mitch Gifts a Previously-Unreleased Remix of Sampha's "Kora Sings"

On the low, Mr. Mitch has stayed in rotation this year. He dropped his impressive album Devout back in the spring, and finished the summer with the intoxication Devotion II mix. To close out 2017, he's dipped back into his bag for another remix that's sure to hit you right in the gut.

According to Mitch, he was commissioned to remix Sampha's "Kora Sings," which was on his debut album Process. As Mitch shared, "they were looking for something a bit darker so it didnt make the vinyl but the track only inspired beauty and light from me." I can hear that; this is definitely not dark, but it has a way of getting to the core. Really emotional, with an anthemic bounce that I won't be able to take off of repeat.

You can stream and download the full remix via SoundCloud. And if you missed it, "Dru (Part 2)," which Mitch gave away towards the end of 2016, is still available for download.


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